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Retailers to Benefit from 5G Wi-Fi
A more personalized experience for customers of retailers and public venue operators is on the way courtesy of a new 5G Wi-Fi SoC (system-on-chip) developed by Broadcom Corp.,

Platform Engages Brick-and-Mortar Shoppers
Considering the fact consumers can’t get enough of their connected devices, it makes sense retail companies would want to leverage mobile technologies to further engage customers in their shopping experience. While the brick-and-mortar-style of commerce seems to be here to stay—at least for the near future—that doesn’t mean that, thanks to connected devices and solutions, it won’t look different than it has in the past.

Mobile Wallet Helps You Shop
For those trying to get last-minute holiday shopping done, the mobile wallet and NFC (near-field communication) provide a way to quickly check out and access mobile coupons—but how quick and easy is the technology?

Opening Your Mobile Wallet this Black Friday?
How will you pay for your purchases on Black Friday this year? Could it be with the mobile wallet and NFC (near-field communication)? This technology has long held the promise of allowing consumers to be able to check out quickly and access additional services such as loyalty cards and mobile coupons, all by simply using what is already in your pocket: your smartphone.

M2M Requires Billing Flexibility and Variety
In the end, no matter how much efficiency or convenience a technology may offer, if it can’t successfully generate money, the market doesn’t evolve or progress. Thus, in order to successfully monetize M2M, providers are largely dependent on billing systems designed to fit their specific needs.

Finding the Right Fit for NFC
NFC (near-field communication) technology is expanding its reach. In many cases, NFC is being put to use for connected retail solutions, helping people to more easily make purchases or track sales. As people become used to simply tapping their devices to make a transaction, NFC technology could have more far-reaching use cases as well.

M2M Advertising Reaches Consumers
In the modern era, consumers have a lot vying for their attention. Websites, television networks, magazines, and radio stations are ripe with advertisements of all kinds. Now more than ever, companies need to find a way to stand out from the crowd if they want to reach their target audience.

M2M Makes Cash Obsolete
Many retailers seemingly find themselves at a crossroads as it relates to technology. We live in an era where customers no longer need to visit big name stores and instead can make most of their major purchases online. The Internet and M2M technology have lured customers toward the convenience and comfort of cashless Web shopping.

M2M Makes Shopping Interactive
The retail experience is evolving rapidly with the help of M2M and connected devices. In the not too distant future consumers will be able to manage the shopping basket, loyalty benefits, and more on connected devices—all while shopping. What’s more, the dining experience is also developing, with servers and hostesses able to offer diners new services.

M2M and the Era of the App
We find ourselves in the era of the app. Apps may be small and specialized programs, but in recent years they’ve taken the world by storm, if for no other reason than the sheer volume of them. As M2M continues to evolve, and more developers and organizations discover its benefits, more apps that leverage a transfer of data are being created. These days, there’s one for virtually anything you can imagine.

When Augmented Becomes Reality
AR (augmented reality) continues to enhance reality with digital data. Most people are familiar with the idea of virtual technology, where users are “transported” into the digital world. We’ve seen it used in science fiction movies, video games, and the occasional off-the-wall product demonstration at industry trade shows. But could we AR make its case for business on a more consistent basis?

Could Apple Give Mobile Payments a Shakeup?
The proliferation of mobile devices is no doubt starting to change the way people interact with payments, and, in turn, is changing the way merchants interact with customers. Tablets, smartphones, and other devices being used in place of traditional payment forms are transforming the way merchants view the market.

Digital Signage: All about Data and M2M
The future of digital signage, much like connected devices, will center around data and M2M. Such is the case with the new Smart Signage Platform from Samsung,, which the company unveiled at this week’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

M2M Empowers the Small Business
Small business can benefit greatly from the use of M2M. As such businesses continue to rely on connected devices like smartphones and tablets to interact with and—perhaps most importantly—conduct financial transitions for customers, they need technology that can help make the process as seamless as can be.

NFC at the Vending Machine
As consumers become more accustomed to using smartphones and tablets for everyday activities, advanced communications technologies are making their way into the mainstream. One of these is NFC (near-field communication), which enables short-range communications between devices embedded with NFC chips. In many cases NFC is associated with mobile payments, as people can pay for purchases with a simple tap of their smartphone at a reader. But the technology is useful for additional applications as well.
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