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Offender Tracking Tech Enhances Public Safety
When it comes to public safety, there is little to no room for error. Luckily, in today’s connected world, there are connected devices and solutions that make it possible for health and safety professionals such as first responders and law-enforcement officials, among others, to access the realtime data they need to respond to emergencies and to keep the public as safe as possible.

Ethertronics Unveils New GPS Helix Antenna
In an attempt to impact the market, California-based Ethertronics,, unveils its made in America product, EtherHelix GPS, as a standalone and RHCP (right hand circularly polarized) external antenna.

GPS Devices for Connected Cyclists
Connected technology is not just for professional athletes. Nowadays, connected devices give the average runner, cyclist, swimmer, and hiker, along with other sports enthusiasts, access to the kinds of data that enhance their experience. As devices come down in price and technologies become more advanced, connected fitness solutions help athletes of all calibers track their performance and improve their personal bests.

GPS Unit Leverages Cloud Technology
As smartphones and connected cars become more ubiquitous, companies in the PND (personal navigation device) market must find new ways to make their products as versatile and essential to everyday life as possible. Increasingly, this means adding all sorts of connected services and capabilities, turning GPS navigation devices into a hybrid between smartphones and in-dash infotainment systems.

GPS Technology: Why Fight It?
There is an old saying that goes “You have to spend money to make money.” In the case of fleet management, spending just a little on a GPS (global positioning system) can bring about revenue growth as well as savings in time, travel, and fuel usage. However, a recent study shows some in the industry still have yet to embrace using this technology.

ParkSight 2.0 to Make Parking Data Retrieval More Efficient
Motorists know the traffic problems created when searching for a parking spot. The frustration of locating an open slot has been a problem for many years, and cities have sought out ways to gather specific data to help alleviate this issue. The analytics provided by ParkSight 2.0, just may be a step toward solving that annoying problem.

Pets of Our Lives
The pet industry is made up of more than a billion domesticated dogs and cats, with approximately a $100 billion invested globally. It is a huge market, and unfortunately, most pet owners do not have the proper time or information to adequately take care of and manage their pet’s health. More than half of the domesticated in the United States are overweight, facing numerous health risks. Taking notice is Los Angeles-based pet device company, Petnet,, which closed a million dollar seed funding round and launched the company’s first product, Smartfeeder.

Never Get Lost with NeverLost?
What’s in a name? In the case of the GPS (global positioning system) NeverLost, developed by Navigation Solutions,, it’s the hope that a driver will never actually need it, but if they do, it will come through and the driver won’t be ForeverLost. Navigation Solutions, which by the way is a division of Hertz, the car and truck rental giant, recently announced that it will outsource the manufacture of the NeverLost 6 platform to Magellan,, one of the top GPS companies.

GPS for the RV crowd
It may seem like everybody has a GPS (global positioning system) in their car or truck today, but there are still classes of travelers who don’t. One of these groups is the casual motorhome user. Most RV (recreational vehicle) owners use their vehicles less than two weeks a year. Few RVs less than three-years-old come equipped with GPS from the factory but there are specialized solutions to this gap.

Tracking for Safety and Security
With GPS chips becoming smaller and less expensive, the technology is finding its way into more devices. GPS tracking allows people to keep tabs on the things that matter most, and a small device can mean peace of mind for parents, pet owners, and anyone concerned their valuables may go astray.

M2M Proves Advantages of Location
Knowing where a person is located can provide substantial benefits. M2M technologies that use location services enable a wide array of applications across both the consumer and business markets, often for services that contribute to health or safety. By using locator technologies, companies can keep better track of workers, and caregivers can better monitor patients or loved ones.

Locating Trends
Like many M2M products, recovery devices are typically designed to be flexible, which opens up the door to an unlimited amount of potential applications.

Search and Rescue
Of course, when it comes to assets, there is nothing more priceless than life. Personal tracking devices are increasingly being used as a way for parents to protect children with special needs like autism as well as for loved ones who want to make sure aging relatives are safe.

RACO Wireless Acquires Position Logic
RACO Wireless announced this morning it has completed the acquisition of Position Logic. A B2B (business-to-business) location-based service provider, Position Logic allows M2M service companies to give enterprise clients a way to track and manage assets via a secure, scalable wireless platform. The company can integrate any signaling device into its software for realtime monitoring.

Connected Device Soars over the Alps
When considering automated flying devices, or even UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), it might be a little too tempting to stereotype them as big toys. Most of us played with, or at the very least saw a remote controlled car, boat, or plane during our childhood. To some, this branch of M2M technology might simply come off like a line of incredibly expensive toys.
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