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Trucking Avoids Detention with M2M
Anyone who’s gone through grade school probably has a negative gut reaction to the word “detention.” In the trucking industry, “detention time” may not mean staying after school or copying lines for the teacher, but it has an equally negative association. Detention time causes inefficiencies in the form of employee down time, which can negatively impact a company’s bottomline, as well as potential loss of revenue for drivers.

Fleet Management Gets Boost from Major Integration
A major integration between two prominent technology companies will provide fleet management customers with tremendous operational benefits.

Heavy-Lifting in the Hands of Telogis
Available in more than 100 countries, Telogis,, the platform for business-based intelligence, is introducing Telogis for Heavy Equipment. This extension is cloud-based, enabling users to monitor the location and status of equipment while providing data to users to aid in informed-decision making. Telogis’ newest product uses geofences in which alerts may be sent to the user in case a piece of equipment leaves a location, reducing the risk of theft and abuse.

Standards Move Telematics Forward
It’s no surprise that in recent years, progress has been made in moving telematics forward. OEMs (original-equipment manufacturers) have been working with aftermarket suppliers to put technology into equipment, and now industry bodies have joined forces to develop standards for data exchange.

M2M Promotes Winter Safety
Winter may be the time for hot chocolate and festive décor, but it’s also the season of snow and ice. Luckily, technology solutions are being developed to help people deal with slick roads. In some cases, researchers are turning to M2M to provide monitoring for one of the most important products in the fight against winter roads: salt.

First Responders Trial 4G LTE in Las Vegas
Whether a consumer is looking to better manage his health or a business owner is looking to better manage her assets, M2M technology is enabling the data today’s connected world mandates. Nowhere is the need for realtime data more critical than in first-response solutions deployed by public-safety organizations like police and fire departments and emergency-services professionals, among others.

Fleet Telematics Picking up Speed
Companies that have incorporated telematics into their commercial fleet management operations are already well aware of its potential benefits. This M2M technology can help organizations keep track of the various vehicles in their fleets, as well as keep up on necessarily maintenance issues. As time has progressed, and more organizations have realized the benefits of fleet telematics, the market appears to have gotten hotter.

Lost and Found
Every 43 seconds, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States. In that same amount of time, a child has gone missing. In other words, by the time it takes for your coffee order to be up, someone is frantically searching for something a lot more valuable than exact change.

Fleets Find Value with M2M
The connected car is quickly becoming a reality for many consumers, but the connectivity has long been used in business vehicles. Today, M2M is no longer just a nice value-added service for fleet-management companies; it is quickly becoming a necessity as businesses look for more efficient ways to monitor and track assets.

M2M Eases Driving Concerns
Today’s drivers have a lot of on their minds: the cost of gas has gone up, distracted driving has increased as consumers search for ways to multitask behind the wheel, and the roads have become more congested. Add in the fact that roughly nine out of 10 motorists are more reliant on their car today than 25 years ago, and these driving worries become a top priority for many.

M2M Protects Resources
Tracking fleets is no easy task, yet knowing where vehicles are located and the condition of the assets is critical. For years, M2M and GPS technology have been used in city fleets, construction assets, and more to keep an eye on the location of the asset and the overall health of the vehicle. Now, U.S. forces have found another use for M2M: fuel security.

NFC for the Fleet
With more fleet companies employing M2M to keep track of vehicles and drivers, the solutions available need to work with a variety of technologies. Fleet-management devices need to be able to grow with the company, providing a way to log more data and transmit it for company use.

The Key to Success: Analytics
The combination of connected devices, M2M, and analytics can enable better business processes. This is the crux of the message UPS’ Jack Levis delivered at the Connected World Conference earlier this month. In fact, he was even as bold as to say organizations with a higher ROI (return on investment) are more likely to use analytics.

Big Data Hits the Road with Fleets
For many enterprise organizations, being able to leverage Big Data can help the business run more efficiently. Today, Big Data extends to more than just tech-savvy enterprises; the use of analytics is becoming a mainstream tool for all businesses. Telematics and fleet-management technology is one area Big Data plays a big role.

Fleets Go Further with M2M
Keeping track of a vehicle fleet is a big job. For many companies, the fleet represents the organization’s largest cost, and its efficiency is what ensures business success. Things like taking the best route, using the least amount of fuel, and driving with safety in mind aren’t just goals; they are necessities fleet managers work every day to achieve.
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