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netTALK App for Cheap Voice Calls
Communication in today’s digital age is important. Consumers are used to being able to connect with the people, places, and data they need at any given moment. A provider of low-cost communications, Inc.,, says it is offering a new way to keep in touch, offering free app-to-app voice calls from smartphones and tablets.

Fortress Security Expands Reach
When it comes to the connected home and business, security is one area that piques many consumers’ attention. With more connected-security options than ever before, many are turning to solutions that offer transparency through realtime data accessible from mobile devices.

Stay Cool with Connected AC Solution
Every summer, talk turns to conserving energy and money. One area to save is air conditioning—especially in empty rooms. But hope is not lost for those not-so-smart homes. Now any home can be connected with AC intelligence thanks to a new product from INAIR PTE,, O2U,

The Future of Mobile Operating Systems
Are you ready for the next version of Android? Whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry, users need to ensure the operating system on mobile devices is updated in order to get the most value out of the device. Is your OS updated? Are you prepared for the next evolution of operating systems that are coming?

No More Overage Charges Overseas
Making business calls while abroad can be pricey, ranging from $1-$1.50 on major U.S. cellular networks. Most Wi-Fi hotspots, in country and out, do not allow for making phone calls, and the price of accessing data for Internet use is also excessive. One company is now offering businesses a connected device that can make calls, send texts, and access data anywhere in the world for one price.

Smart Socks for Infants
Sometimes baby monitors don’t tell parents everything they need to know to keep their children safe. Owlet Smart Sock,, has found a solution to this very problem, and is working with Ayla Networks,, to distribute smart socks for infants that will transmit information such as heart rate,, sleep quality, blood oxygen, and skin temperatue to a parent’s smartphone or connected device.

Whitepaper Helps Simplify OTA Updates
It’s a common saying that end users don’t care how their connected devices work, as long as they work. Devices such as smartphones and tablets have no doubt become an integral part of many consumers’ lives—so integral, in fact, that device manufacturers and service providers have little room for error if they want to keep their customers.
Earshot Scores $1.7M in Funding
Earshot,, is looking to redefine how businesses can use social media, and several companies believe strongly enough in that vision and have stepped up providing $1.7 million in funding.
Princess Cruises Focuses on “Guest Evolution”
With summer comes BBQs, vacations, and other fun activities in the sun. One popular destination during this time of year is the sea—more specifically cruises. If you are planning to spend some time on a ship this summer, there might be a few new high-tech amenities you will encounter. viagra online

Sensibo Starts Production on Smart AC Device
In 10 days, Sensibo,, surpassed its Indiegogo crowdfunding goal of $70,000 and was taking steps toward manufacturing its easy-to-use device to transform a remote-controlled air conditioner into a smart system.

Pettag+ Creates Stronger Bonds
Shahir Ahmed hated not being able to play with his pup when he was traveling. He wanted to know his dog wasn’t lonely or unhappy. Ahmed also wanted to hold pet owners responsible for taking care of their pets. Using a collar tag, a smartphone, and a Bluetooth interface, Pettag+,, has developed a connected tag that tracks the most important activities of training and raising a happy and healthy animal, while at the same time helping to motivate people to be more responsible pet owners.

New Wearable Platform Seeks Funding
Kickstarter,, has had a number of individuals, startups, and companies use its crowdfunding platform to raise money in pursuit of getting their products into distribution.,, has seen the success those entities have had with it and have announced it is employing Kickstarter to help raise funding for its newest venture.

Amazon Blazes onto Smartphone Scene
The smartphone has become ubiquitous with today’s connected consumer. Average Joe and Jane still might not buy into the concept of a smart home, they might not fully understand the technology behind their connected cars, but there’s a good chance they both have a smartphone. This past week, Amazon,, made its move in the smartphone arena, offering average Joe and Jane a new option when it comes to selecting their most-used connected device.

MediaSignage Releases New Products
MediaSignage,, a freemium (free and premium) digital signage hardware and software company, announced the release of SignageStudio Pro and SignagePlayer version 4.15. The latest release includes several new and enhanced features which will bolster the company’s role as provider for open-source enterprise-level hardware and software for digital signage.

Smart Pill Dispenser Looks for Backers
In an effort to make simpler the process of taking one’s medicine as prescribed, Italy based Hi Pills,, is ready to launch what it believes is a revolutionary pill dispenser.
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