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DDoS Attack on Move Inc. Serves as Warning
A few months back, Heartbleed opened our eyes to just how vulnerable systems can be to cyber attacks. Unfortunately, new security events have proven that even in times of heightened awareness and proactivity, online data is not safe from targeted attacks.

Updating Mobile Devices
Don’t want to upgrade your smartphone or tablet, but still want the latest and greatest features and functions that everyone else has? Whether you know it or not, OTA (over-the-air) updates can provide you with exactly what you are looking for—but are the manufacturers of consumer electronics truly delivering?

Forecaster Tackles Security Issues in M2M/IoT
You just can’t say enough about security, when it comes to M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) these days. It seems everyone has an opinion, but very few have an answer for how to solve the problems that seem to be lurking around every corner. If there is one thing for sure it takes people, processes, and technology to manage security risks especially when we are talking about a world where everything is connected. There is no one-cure to eradicate cyber risks completely, but armed with the right knowledge companies can do much to prevent their perimeters from being penetrated.

Changes at Top of FreeWave Technologies
In an effort to better position itself in the M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) arena, FreeWave Technologies,, has shaken up the executive ranks with the additions of a new CEO and company president.

Telit’s xE910 Shows its Value
Several partners of Telit Wireless Solutions,, have found great uses for its xE910 offerings.

M2M Secures the Perimeter
M2M can provide value in a number of key industries. One area in particular is securing a particular location in construction, industrial automation, agriculture, and law enforcement using remote sensing and imaging. Recently, cameras have been becoming more high-tech.
IoT And App Market to Soar
Home-healthcare software isn’t the only area to see huge growth during the next few years. According to research conducted by MarketsandMarkets,, the IoT (Internet of Things) technology and application market will grow from $1029.5 billion in 2013 to $1423.09 billion in 2020, with an annual CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.08% from 2014 to 2020.
SimpleLink Helps Add Wi-Fi to Anything
Texas Instruments,, has unveiled its new SimpleLink Wi-Fi family of products for IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 and CC3200 platforms are single-chip, low-power solutions which add embedded Wi-Fi and Internet to a number of different home, industrial, and consumer electronics.
Securing M2M and IoT Deployments
The issue of security, when it comes to M2M and the IoT (Internet of Things), is anything but straightforward. While there are ways to manage security risks, it is impossible to eradicate them completely. This is due in large part to the nature of the business—constant change. viagra online

Partnership Brings IoT to Manufacturers
ThingWorx,, an IoT platform provider, announced it work with Kalypso,, a global-management consulting firm with expertise in product development and PLM (product lifecycle management), to introduce manufacturers to the IoT (Internet of Things).

Vodafone Makes Strategic Moves in M2M
In M2M, partnerships and M&As (mergers and acquisitions) are often part of a strategic growth strategy to expand a company’s marketshare, customer base, and/or its capabilities. As it gets further into 2014, both partnerships and M&As continue to play a role in changing the landscape of M2M.

Infonetics Releases Quarterly WLAN Report
Boots on the ground may be the best technique when it comes to understanding and analyzing the fast-growing M2M industry, but analyst reports that present real data can also help take the temperature of particular market segments. A new report assessing market trends in WLAN (wireless local area network) equipment offers some insight into the trajectory of this market.

Telit and IOATAS Snag M2M Certification
For years, many in the M2M community have cried foul that the industry hasn’t been able to achieve as much as it should when it comes to device certification. With what it is calling a de facto standard, the GCF (Global Certification Forum) says it has been able to achieve a class of membership for device makers seeking to integrate embedded wireless modules.

Partners Leverage Strengths for New M2M Platform
As more industries adopt M2M technology, the IoT (Internet of Things) becomes more widespread and, therefore, increasingly relevant to a diverse range of business executives. For enterprise sectors, a reliable M2M solution with dependable products and services can go a long way to reaching optimal ROI (return on investment) and reducing a project’s TCO (total cost of ownership).

ThingWorx and Telenor Team Up
ThingWorx,, and Telenor Connexion,, are combining resources to provide businesses with ways to take advantage of the connected world and “accelerate the introduction of innovative new connected business solutions and services.”
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