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GPS Unit Leverages Cloud Technology
As smartphones and connected cars become more ubiquitous, companies in the PND (personal navigation device) market must find new ways to make their products as versatile and essential to everyday life as possible. Increasingly, this means adding all sorts of connected services and capabilities, turning GPS navigation devices into a hybrid between smartphones and in-dash infotainment systems.

It’s Not Pay-Per-View, It’s Pay-Per-Mile
MetroMile,, a usage-based insurer, has launched a pay-per-mile auto insurance model and is providing its platform to consumers in Illinois. Combining hardware, software, and a cloud-based infrastructure, MetroMile enables users to obtain driving data and insights on their driving habits right from their vehicles.

Fleet Management Gets Boost from Major Integration
A major integration between two prominent technology companies will provide fleet management customers with tremendous operational benefits.

Connecting Your Car and Home
It might not be too far off before your home and your car talk to each other or at the very least they become more integrated. We are just beginning to see the next iteration of this from tech companies Zubie,, and iControl Networks,, which recently announced a very unique partnership that involves their connected car and connected home solutions.

Sprint into DriveSync
Sprint,, announced that IMS UBI Intelligence will be provided by Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, through the Integrated Insurance Solution portfolio, specifically for auto insurance customers. Intellimec specializes in car technology, enabling drivers to be safer and smarter and now with its connection to Sprint and UBI, insurance carriers will benefit.

AppCarousel Joins Alliance to Further Infotainment
Today’s connected consumers want connected cars. In-vehicle technologies—from GPS-enabled navigation systems to Bluetooth-enabled apps—are becoming so commonplace that they’re more than desirable, they’re expected. Automakers, along with service providers, app developers, and other ecosystem players are constantly working toward forward progress when it comes to connecting drivers to their vehicles, to each other, and, most of all, to the data they want and need.

Connected Car Roundup from MWC 2014
At Connected World, we can’t get enough connected-car news. Out of MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2014 in Barcelona last week, many interesting announcements were made that will inevitably further the market. Here are a few of our favorites.

New 3D ADR Tech Enhances City Driving
In an “always-on” world where consumers have access to data 24/7, we tend to have little patience when devices and solutions don’t perform as expected. Even if there are formidable challenges to overcome before a device can work reliably, the customer doesn’t tend to care—if it works it works, and if it doesn’t work, it’s a big problem.

ParkSight 2.0 to Make Parking Data Retrieval More Efficient
Motorists know the traffic problems created when searching for a parking spot. The frustration of locating an open slot has been a problem for many years, and cities have sought out ways to gather specific data to help alleviate this issue. The analytics provided by ParkSight 2.0, just may be a step toward solving that annoying problem.

Audi of America Connects with 4G LTE
When it comes to innovative in-vehicle technologies, today’s cutting-edge car companies are looking to equip their new lineups with equally cutting-edge solutions for infotainment, safety, and connectivity. Today from the Chicago Auto Show, two companies announced they plan to partner to deliver an immersive in-car experience supported by 4G LTE.

Distracted Driving Addressed at Connected World Conference
Today marks the opening of the Connected World Conference for consumers, which is a show within the Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place. While the conference features connected devices for every aspect of a consumer’s life, the connected car and distracted driving is bound to be one of the big areas of discussion on the show floor today.

Never Get Lost with NeverLost?
What’s in a name? In the case of the GPS (global positioning system) NeverLost, developed by Navigation Solutions,, it’s the hope that a driver will never actually need it, but if they do, it will come through and the driver won’t be ForeverLost. Navigation Solutions, which by the way is a division of Hertz, the car and truck rental giant, recently announced that it will outsource the manufacture of the NeverLost 6 platform to Magellan,, one of the top GPS companies.

All That Energy
The market for EVs—fully electric vehicles—isn’t as large as the hybrid market but has the growth path laid out for the future. Companies like Tesla Motors,, a maker of an upscale EV, are moving the needle on the consumer’s ammeter whenever they show their car. The Detroit Auto Show, perhaps the premier show for new vehicle introductions, has apparently gone wild over Tesla, causing its stock to jump higher and higher.

CES News Roundup
The 2014 Intl. CES this week in Las Vegas may as well have been a show focused on the Internet of Things when you consider how many connected gadgets and services were on display. This year’s show featured more than 3,200 exhibitors, many of which were excited to show off new Internet-enabled devices.

Funding Brings Connected Car, Home Closer
There are a number of technology innovations surrounding the connected car these days, but one in particular is getting an infusion of funding from investors and could help connect the car to the home in the future. Will such an idea take off?
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