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Cisco Shoots for Smart Security Solutions
Visibility, situational awareness, and streamlined communication—each of these can lead to valuable business insights that help owners and operators make the best, most timely decisions. M2M-enabled technology solutions can help deliver visibility, situational awareness, and streamlined communication, among many other mission-critical benefits across a host of vertical markets.

Affordable Gadgets for Dad
You know what most dads want for Father’s Day—high-tech gadgets and connected devices. This year, there are a number of affordable options you can get dad, and even a way you can get your hands on some more expensive gadgets for free and just in time for Father’s Day.

Multipurpose Devices In, Single-Purpose Out?
Consumers want mobility and connectivity. That’s the takeaway from new data on the consumer electronics market, which shows consumer are increasingly turning to connected devices for many everyday tasks. They also seem to be favoring devices that do it all over standalone products with only one main function. What does this mean for the days of dedicated devices like ereaders and GPS?

The Connected Camera
It seems manufacturers of just about any consumer device are dabbling in M2M, for some devices these days. Everything from light plugs to garage-door openers are embedded with connectivity these days. But the trend is becoming most pervasive in what would be considered typical consumer devices.

Connected Photo Solutions
New connected cameras are changing the way consumers take and share photographs. One new gadget is focusing on connectivity to show it’s a connected device first and foremost. But if you’re looking for a way to add connectivity to a camera you already own, there are solutions available as well.

Cameras Add Wireless Connectivity
As consumers, we’ve become used to buying phones with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and high-resolution screens. But we may be less accustomed to finding connectivity features integrated into our cameras. That’s changing as major electronics-makers roll out cameras and camcorders designed to help you stay connected.

Enabling Public Safety and Security
Businesses as varied as food and vending-machine distributors, construction companies, and retailers depend on connected devices, systems, and technologies to make their businesses more efficient. For those whose business is keeping people safe and secure, M2M (machine-to-machine) can have an even greater impact. Could 2012 be the year of the public-safety innovation in M2M?

Turning Ideas into Solutions
Often, even those with bright ideas hit roadblocks when trying to bring a new product, device, or solution to market. Luckily businesses can still reap the benefits of these innovations thanks to the expertise of consulting companies and value-chain partners in the M2M (machine-to-machine) space, which often work behind the scenes to fill the gaps and bring great ideas to fruition.

What’s a Connected Picture Worth?

Amid all the news lately about price slashing in the ereader market; automotive companies trying to one-up each other with in-vehicle systems; and the latest

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