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Updating Mobile Devices
Don’t want to upgrade your smartphone or tablet, but still want the latest and greatest features and functions that everyone else has? Whether you know it or not, OTA (over-the-air) updates can provide you with exactly what you are looking for—but are the manufacturers of consumer electronics truly delivering?

Improvements Come to ZoneDefense System
To keep up with the ever growing security issues that have arisen from the influx of mobile devices being used today, AirPatrol,, has announced its most significant upgrade to its ZoneDefense security platform in three years.

Augmented Reality Application: ‘Astray’
UIEvolution, Inc.,, announced the release of an AR (augmented reality) mobile application called Astray that demonstrates how computer vision can increase point-of-sale engagement, brand awareness, and revenue opportunities. UIEvolution, one of the early adopters of AR, shows how to use the accelerometer to realistically model gravity within the context of the AR space, something few in the industry have solved.

Wilson Boosts Their Boosters
Manufacturer of cellular signal boosters, Wilson Electronics,, has signed an agreement with the Authorized Integrators Network,, to better serve the residential and commercial building industry. This agreement will make Wilson signal boosters and the company’s other products available to AiN customers and AiN group members will be able to receive special customized service from a Wilson representative.

ARCHOS Reveals New Devices
In the run-up to CES 2014 in Las Vegas, companies are already taking the wrappings off their latest products. One consumer electronics firm recently announced a slate of connected devices designed to make home life easier.

Black Friday Shoppers Favor Devices
The Thanksgiving leftovers will barely be cold before consumers head out for holiday shopping. Research shows consumer electronic devices will be high on buyers’ lists when they hit the stores this year for Black Friday.

Microsoft Prepares for New Surface and Xbox Offerings
We all know the old saying: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This week, one tech giant announced it’s doing just that with its new contributions to both the tablet and gaming markets—two significant categories for connected devices.

Which Tablet Will Take the Lead in M2M?
Apple. Samsung. Microsoft. BlackBerry. Which hardware is your best bet for best managing business and personal data going forward? With PC sales on the decline, tablets will likely be the device of choice for many consumers and even businesses in the future, opening the door for more M2M opportunities at work and at home.

M2M Helps in the Kitchen
Cooking is a fine art in and of itself, and every artist has their unique tools for creating a masterpiece. As the world of M2M and connected devices permeates nearly every aspect of our culture, more and more of these tools are bound to become connected. In fact, the process has already begun.

Connected Devices Stay Strong
Connected devices have seen fast adoption since being introduced to the market. Devices such as tablets and smartphones quickly gained notice once they arrived on the scene, and now some markets are already approaching saturation. But other markets, particularly in developing countries, still have room to grow when it comes to the adoption of connected devices.

Affordable Gadgets for Dad
You know what most dads want for Father’s Day—high-tech gadgets and connected devices. This year, there are a number of affordable options you can get dad, and even a way you can get your hands on some more expensive gadgets for free and just in time for Father’s Day.

Multipurpose Devices In, Single-Purpose Out?
Consumers want mobility and connectivity. That’s the takeaway from new data on the consumer electronics market, which shows consumer are increasingly turning to connected devices for many everyday tasks. They also seem to be favoring devices that do it all over standalone products with only one main function. What does this mean for the days of dedicated devices like ereaders and GPS?

Health Data in Your Hands with M2M
The virtual shopping experience is beginning to take off, especially as more brick-and-mortar retailers develop apps that use M2M to bring data to connected devices. Now, the trend is extending to healthcare, as one pharmacy is looking to create a digital drugstore.

Connected Classrooms
In a world where toddlers are choosing media tablets over shape sorters and tweens are getting iPhones for Christmas, it is only logical that technology would become an integral part of this generation’s education. And, according to a growing number of educators, that is actually a good thing.

Multiple Players in Smart Device Chips
How many connected devices do you have these days? Many of us carry smartphones, perhaps even a tablet or two. With the number of these devices deployed still growing, M2M providers that supply the components for connected gadgets are focused on providing the right solutions. And the competition continues to heat up.
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