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Boosters Enable ‘Smooth Talkers’
In a world as connected today, there’s little to no room for weak cellular signals that prevent data from being communicated as quickly and securely as possible. Whether you’re looking for coverage in remote or rural areas, or in crowded urban ones, cellular boosters that can extend and enhance coverage in rough service areas can be useful in many mission-critical situations.

Startups Head to White House
Startups are quickly becoming the lifeblood of the connected-device space, as these companies provide a surge of innovation in the market. Now, one startup incubator is heading to Washington, D.C., to take part in a national summit on entrepreneurship.

OCHO Pad and NFC Simplify Connected Life
Amid hectic work schedules and busy personal lives, the promise of a simpler, more organized life is appealing to many consumers. Connected devices and technologies that can take away some common painpoints, while also making everyday life a bit more fun, go a long way in bringing M2M technologies to mainstream society.

A Focus on Cloud Security
CradlePoint,, announced it has joined the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance). CSA is a not-for-profit organization to promote the use of best practices for security within cloud computing. CradlePoint’s participation within the alliance aligns its cloud-based management solution, Enterprise Cloud Manager, with an industry-accepted framework.

Start-Up 1248 Gets Backing From Heavyweight
Entrepreneur Rob Dobson possesses a resume of success in backing early-stage technology ventures, and in United Kingdom based start-up 1248,, he believes he has another he can add to his portfolio.

Incubator Focuses on Women-Owned Tech Startups
The word “innovation” gets tossed around a lot in the technology industry. But what actually goes into the development of innovative ideas and technologies that help drive the space forward at break-neck speed? A new incubator based in Chicago aims to provide a physical space, along with support and tools, to encourage progress from a specific group of tech innovators—female entrepreneurs.

Interactive Start Screen Adds Value to Devices
It seems the only predictable thing about the technology space is that it will inevitably be unpredictable. This becomes clear as innovative companies continue to enhance their devices and solutions to better serve the end user. For connected devices such as smartphones, the rate of innovation is so quick, it could make a person’s head spin.

Satellites Supported with GNSS Antenna from u-blox
Positioning module creator u-blox,, brings a new searching capability with its new CAM-M8Q antenna for GNSS (global navigation satellite system).The CAM-M8Q is considered to be the ultra-instant positioning solution, maintaining high locating sensitivity while only needing a small amount of power. Surface-mounted, it is ideal for use as a wearable, a personal locater, and even as a vehicle telematics system so users can place emergency calls and install anti-theft mechanisms.

Mobile World Congress 2014 Wrapup
Did you miss Mobile World Congress this year? Or, if you were there, were you too busy to keep tabs on all the big announcements? Here is a selection of M2M news highlights from the big event last week in Barcelona.

Education and the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things may be a popular buzzword right now, but figuring out the technology requires more than a surface understanding. As companies try to determine how the Internet of Things and M2M can work for them, they are often in need of guidance on how to choose and implement the right solutions.

Making Wearables Look Good
Connected devices are everywhere—in our pockets, in our homes, and even at the doctor’s office. The use of M2M and connected devices is becoming ubiquitous in everyday life, and that trend is set to continue, as carriers and other technology providers associated with M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) are preparing for the growth of wearable devices and NFC (near-field communication).

Black Friday Shoppers Favor Devices
The Thanksgiving leftovers will barely be cold before consumers head out for holiday shopping. Research shows consumer electronic devices will be high on buyers’ lists when they hit the stores this year for Black Friday.

New M2M Collaboration Aims for Speed, Cost Efficiency
The world of M2M and connected technology can be vast and complex, particularly for organizations with little to no experience with such technology. Thankfully, companies exist that can help inexperienced enterprises bridge the gap, and distribute connected solutions in the marketplace.

Verizon Offers Connected Security at the Enterprise
In this era of M2M and connected devices, many would argue the importance of cybersecurity has never been greater. Whether the data in question is personal or professional, in the wrong hands it can have a devastating impact. Thus, more and more organizations are coming to market with M2M security solutions to protect our connected devices and the information they hold.

Xbox and PlayStation Aim for One-Stop Connected Entertainment
In the modern era, gaming consoles aren’t just about video games anymore. Today’s gamers have come to expect their systems to have a wider array of entertainment capabilities. As Sony prepares to release the PlayStation 4, and Microsoft is ready with the Xbox One, both companies have begun their attempts at enticing customers to their side of the proverbial fence by unveiling a host of entertainment apps available on their respective consoles.
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