ThingWorx and Telenor Team Up


ThingWorx,, and Telenor Connexion,, are combining resources to provide businesses with ways to take advantage of the connected world and “accelerate the introduction of innovative new connected business solutions and services.”

By taking ThingWorx efforts as an IoT (Internet of Things) platform provider and melding those with Telenor Connexion’s work as an enabler of business solutions, the two companies hope to make more efficient the solution deployment lifecycle involving everything from design to operation to service. To begin this process, the companies have designed a number of joint activities involving product development, marketing, and sales in an effort to address the increase in market demand.

In an effort to make this collaboration successful, each company is turning to its area of expertise and overseeing those operations. Telenor Connexion created its Cloud Connect platform to assist in design and development of solutions as well as handle operations. It is building up a partner network to work on dispersing sensor technology, capturing and communicating machine, device, and sensor data to the cloud, and creating applications for visualization and management of the data.

ThingWorx will use its platform for the development and deployment of applications that “realize the opportunity and value presented by the Internet of Things economy.” ThingWorx’s approach in using IoT applications is to speed up business processes and, in doing so, quicken time to value, reduce cost and risk, and create an improved system of interaction and connection between people, products, and systems.

According to Russ Fadel, president and general manager, ThingWorx, “We’re pleased to be working with Telenor to help integrate a complete, end-to-end solution that provides an easy entry point for companies that want to realize the full value potential of adding connectivity to their product and service offerings.”

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