Sequans’ Colibri Opens Door for LTE in M2M


The great debate about LTE (long-term evolution) and M2M rages on, but the fact 4G speeds are not always necessary to enable IoT (Internet of Things) applications doesn’t stop many end users from adopting the latest generation of the technology. What if price were not a factor? Would more M2M/IoT companies adopt 4G/LTE to future-proof their solutions?

Today, Sequans Communications S.A.,, a 4G chipmaker and provider of single-mode LTE chipset solutions for wireless devices, announced its Colibri LTE platform, which the company says makes LTE affordable for M2M and IoT devices. The new platform is the latest addition to the company’s StreamliteLTE family of chipset solutions. One of Sequans’ two LTE product lines, StreamliteLTE is optimized for M2M and IoT.

The company says Colibri is also optimized for M2M and IoT modules, making it quick, simple, and more cost-effective to add LTE connectivity to devices meant for a host of different applications. The LTE platform includes Sequans’ latest baseband and RF (radio-frequency) chips, an integrated network and application CPU (central processing unit) platform running its LTE protocol stack, an IMS (infrastructure managed services) client, and over-the-air device management, among other features.

Georges Karam, CEO of Sequans, says, “In developing Colibri, our goal was to pack it with great IoT features while making it so cost-effective that it would immediately solidify the business cases for adding LTE to numerous new M2M and IoT devices.”

In sectors as wide ranging as automotive, healthcare, connected home, and wearables, among others, devicemakers are looking for ways to offer the latest technologies, often in the form of 4G. By working to provide 4G/LTE modules at a pricepoint that’s in the same ballpark as 2G modules, companies like Sequans hope their modules will enable a wide range of future-proof M2M and IoT applications.

The Colibri platform is expected to be available in Q3 of this year.

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