iPowow Platform Gamify’s Suits Marathon


USA Network’s Suits fans can become a part of the show during a six-hour marathon starting Friday, June 6, at midnight using iPowow, www.ipowow.com, an interactive media company.

During each episode, fans can compete against each other as they answer polls and trivia questions, while watching their responses update live on-air. Through iPowow’s TV participation platform, Suits fans will be able to interact with the show by logging in via Facebook from any connected device. Each hour, a live on-air leaderboard will showcase top fans’ names and photos in realtime, where they will have a chance to win a range of Suits prizes.

“This is not social TV, this is participation TV, where the viewers get to influence the results and graphics on the TV screen in realtime,” says Gavin Douglas, chief commercial officer, iPowow. “The team at USA Network understands the mechanics of successful second screen participation and by using the iPowow platform to gamify the TV show, the fans become part of the story, enhancing the viewer experience and deepening their level of engagement.”

The expansion of iPowow’s participation TV experience signals future growth of the gamification platform with television shifting toward connecting with a more engaged audience. It enables the viewers of scripted shows to participate in a ‘live’ experience and is designed to engage viewers longer. iPowow has reported viewer engagement levels of around 10% against an industry average of 1%.

The Suits marathon isn’t the first interactive marathon on USA Network. In March, iPowow’s participation TV platform was used in Psych-Off Live to celebrate the final season of Psych and engaged record numbers of viewers in realtime. More than 20,000 Psych-Os played The Psych-Off.

USA Network has also implemented iPowow’s participation TV-platform in a number of its other programs—Modern Family, Chrisley Knows Best—showcasing an investment and confidence in the way gamification platforms are paving the way for viewer loyalty and interaction.

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