USI Selects GreenPeak for Smart Home


Global company in design and manufacturing of wireless module solutions, USI (Universal Scientific Industrial Co.),, pairs with GreenPeak Technologies,, for the development of the new ZigBee module within the smart-home market.

GreenPeak Technologies is a company that specializes in low-power radio communication semi-conductors. Its selection by USI can be attributed to the features and advances it offers for the smart-home market with its ZigBee module.

The new ZigBee module is production ready and provides smart-home device developers and manufacturers the opportunity to upgrade its sensor devices in a timely and cost-effective manner. This prequalified module uses technology to transform thermostats, motion sensors, lighting, smart plugs, and other sentrollers (sensors, actuators, and controllers) into interactive smart-home ZigBee devices. The module is also certified by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and includes guidelines and tools for product certification.

With the addition of the prequalified ZigBee module, USI will spend less time in development of the device because it is already market-ready. USI plans to assist in the reduction of cost, complexity, and time of designing for the devices connected to the ZigBee module.

The module contains multiple uses such as being used for prototyping, for a ZigBee product launch, or for test marketing. The ZigBee module by GreenPeak Technologies can be further developed in the future for use in various applications and consumer electronic products.

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