Smart Locks: Accessibility Leads to Adoption


Connected home-security solutions offer an obvious value proposition: the ability to access realtime data about your home or business, even when you’re not there. Perhaps this is why these solutions are catching on among consumers and business owners. Perhaps this is also why device and solution providers are working to offer more innovative, value-added solutions to today’s connected public.

Two high-profile companies when it comes to home security, Schlage—an Allegion,, brand—and,, recently announced a collaboration that could enhance consumers’ access to a complete, connected-home ecosystem. Thanks to the collaboration, Schlage’s Z-Wave-enabled electronic locks will be integrated with’s connected-home platform. offers a range of connected-home solutions and devices and works with partners to deliver high-value solutions to its customers. By integrating Schlage’s suite of Z-Wave locks, customers will have more options when it comes to keyless control and the ability to monitor in/out activity remotely via connected device.

In other home-security news, Kwikset,, a provider of residential security solutions, has been named the preferred lock vendor for Protection 1,, a full-service business and home security company. Kwikset offers SmartCode locks with Home Connect technology, which allow the devices to communicate with other wireless products in the home.

As a preferred lock vendor for Protection 1, SmartCode devices will be used in all electronic-lock installations. The partnership furthers consumers’ access to integrated smart-home solutions that include home-security devices. For products like smart locks, enhanced accessibility could lead to accelerated adoption.

The idea of a connected home continues to make progress in mainstream society, thanks in part to smart home-security solutions that offer 24/7, remote access to data. With the peace of mind these solutions offer, consumers are realizing the value of M2M-enabled products and solutions in the home.

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