Wearable Device for Elder Care


As America grays, there is a growing need for connected aging-in-place solutions. Technology companies have recognized the unique needs of what’s being called the “sandwich generation”—adults caring for both their parents and their children—and have begun to innovate by offering specialized tracking solutions.

Companies like Laipac Technology, www.laipac.com, a provider of tracking system devices for fleets, workers, and other mobile assets, is one such company. Laipac is working to fill this gap in part by offering its Laipac S911 Lola, an affordable, compact, and easy-to-use personal locator.

By integrating Jupiter JF2 and GE865 modules from Telit Wireless Solutions, www.telit.com, an M2M solutions, products, and services company, the wearable device provides location information in an emergency. With simple, two-way communication and fall detection, the Lola device can enhance quality of life for the elderly or infirm by offering independence without sacrificing immediate emergency response.

Telit’s Jupiter JF2 is a compact, low-power GNSS (global navigation satellite system) module that provides positioning data that is key to the solution. The equally compact and low-power Telit GE865 module powers the S911 Lola with cellular connectivity.

Built-in positioning and cellular technologies make the device ideal for providing peace of mind for the wearer, who knows help is always close by, as well as her family and caretakers. Telit says the Lola device offers an affordable solution for aging in place, offering unlimited tracking, 100 minutes of voice, and full access to Laipac’s online tracking platform for less than $20 per month.

Wearables may be hot among millennials right now, but these compact devices have use cases that extend beyond general wellness, fitness, and entertainment. For aging Americans who want help, but not constant supervision, and for their families who want to provide this help, tracking solutions could be the answer.

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