Military-Grade M2M Solutions


At the heart of M2M is the transfer of mission-critical data. For government and defense applications, M2M solutions can offer high-speed connectivity, secure wireless communications, and cutting-edge tracking solutions to help keep operations running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

FreeWave Technologies,, a provider of industrial-grade M2M wireless-networking solutions for industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, utilities, and government/defense, has added new options for its government and defense customers. The company recently introduced its new WavePoint family of solutions, which the company touts as fast, rugged, and secure.

WavePoint devices offer high-speed connectivity capable of supporting “bandwidth-hungry” applications, flexibility to adapt to the customer’s changing needs, and military-grade security. The product family supports soldier and vehicle tracking, remote sensing, military-infrastructure monitoring, the command and control of unmanned systems, and perimeter security solutions, among other applications.

FreeWave says its government and defense customers had requested advanced capabilities that would help them further improve the safety of soldiers, governments, allies, and military assets. The WavePoint product portfolio answers this call.

The company is also working to create standards for unmanned systems. FreeWave recently announced it will participate in the RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics) Special Committee 228 as a volunteer. By taking part in the RTCA committee, an advisory committee to the FAA (Federal Aviation Admin.), FreeWave says it hopes to play a role in developing minimum operational standards for unmanned aircraft systems.

The future of military and defense strategy will likely look much different than it does today thanks to the increasing sophistication of M2M technology. Whether it’s remote biological or chemical sensing, remote operations and control, GPS tracking, or other mission-critical applications, the delivery of realtime data to decisionmakers is invaluable.

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