Offender Tracking Tech Enhances Public Safety


When it comes to public safety, there is little to no room for error. Luckily, in today’s connected world, there are connected devices and solutions that make it possible for health and safety professionals such as first responders and law-enforcement officials, among others, to access the realtime data they need to respond to emergencies and to keep the public as safe as possible.

One way M2M has made a difference in the world of public safety is through reliable electronic-monitoring devices and solutions. SecureAlert,, a provider of these types of tracking and monitoring services, has introduced an enhanced version of its ReliAlert GPS offender-tracking device to meet the needs of law enforcement, corrections, and rehab organizations.

The new cellular-connected device, called the ReliAlert XC3, is supported by GSM 3G networks. SecureAlert says the ReliAlert XC3 has an increased battery life (capable of operating 60 hours or more), a new case tamper alarm that sends an alert if a wearer attempts to remove the device, and a larger GPS antenna.

Together with SecureAlert’s ReliAlert Beacon transmitter and TrackerPAL monitoring software, the ReliAlert XC3 device is part of a comprehensive solution for agencies looking to track the GPS location of offenders and manage house-arrest compliance. The company’s app, TrackerPAL Mobile, which was released earlier this year, makes the data captured by these devices available in realtime from an officer’s mobile device.

Through a combination of tracking devices and technologies and 24/7 monitoring, SecureAlert says its solutions support juvenile or adult defendant, offender, or parolee programs by offering “an accountable way to avoid incarceration,” while also adding to the public’s safety by helping law enforcement keep tabs on previous offenders. The ReliAlert XC3 has received certification from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and is expected to deploy within the U.S. this summer.

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