Tridium Acquires Analytics Engine


Without analytics to turn raw data into actionable information, M2M is simply not as valuable as it could be. Recent M&A (merger and acquisition) activity in the machine-to-machine space will provide access to cloud-based data analytics for machine-to-machine customers who operate buildings.

Tridium,, a provider of open platforms and automation solutions, recently announced it has acquired an energy-analytics application called DataEye from Controlco,, which provides automation and control solutions, products, and services for commercial and industrial building operators. The companies say the cloud-based DataEye analytics engine offers advanced data-modeling capabilities and helps users meaningfully interpret building information across several buildings simultaneously.

By incorporating the application into Tridium’s NiagaraAX automation platform, Tridium customers will be able to access realtime data and historic data, which can help them improve building efficiency and reduce operation costs across their building portfolios. The module can even reduce risk and automate workflow through capabilities such as fault detection and advanced scheduling.

Analytics are key to unlocking the efficiencies of Big Data. By bringing DataEye to the Niagara community, Tridium hopes to help its customers leverage all M2M has to offer. The company says the DataEye module should be available to its Niagara community later this year.

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