Connecting Man’s Best Friend


We talk a lot about how connected devices can change human lives by making us more productive, more energy efficient, and more proactive about our health. But what about man’s best friend? M2M-enabled devices and solutions can impact pets’ lives, too, even integrating pet data with their owners’ data.

Whistle,, provider of a health and activity monitor for pets, recently announced its device will now integrate with Jawbone UP, a connected wristband for humans. The software integration will allow Jawbone customers to access Whistle data about their pet via the UP app, which also provides access to owners’ own health and wellness data.

According to the company, this integration is a step forward in pet health monitoring. Whistle’s device, which is designed for dogs, is worn on an animal’s collar. It captures data about the dog’s movements, then classifies these movements as resting, walking, playing, running, swimming, or general activity. Whistle says by connecting its device with the UP app, owners can easily track their pet’s activity data alongside their own.

A feature called “intelligent activity selection” allows Whistle to connect to an owner’s smartphone via Bluetooth to identify activities the owner and pet have shared—such as a walk to the park. By making this data visible and accessible, Whistle and Jawbone aim to encourage a healthy, active relationship between owners and their dogs.

Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy for Jawbone, says, “We are making it easier for people to see the valuable impacts of owning a pet and the improved quality of life that comes from that relationship. People have always had the notion that pets can help individuals live healthier, more active lives, but until now there has been very little access to specific insights around this topic.”

It’s generally believed pets can help their humans live happier, more active lives. Now, we can collect data to corroborate this, while encouraging dog owners to spend quality time with their pets. Where there’s data, there also tends to be inherent motivation to use that data to improve.

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