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In a world full of smart homes, we’d all spend less time managing our homes and more time living in them. But how do we reach the point of ubiquity? Connected-home technologies, from automation to energy management and beyond, must not only be available to consumers, they must be accessible and affordable.

A strategic acquisition in the smart-home space could help bring affordable smart-home solutions to new markets and more consumers. iControl Networks,, a provider of connected-home technologies and innovation, recently announced it has acquired Blacksumac,, a Canada-based startup responsible for Piper, a Wi-Fi-enabled home awareness and automation device.

Piper provides consumers with data about their home through services such as HD panoramic video and environmental sensors and provides an automation interface allowing consumers to interact with their home via connected devices.

Piper will complement the company’s existing portfolio of connected-home solutions for service providers, which include iControl Converge, a connected-home platform and solution for broadband service providers, iControl Touchstone, a self-installed and managed gateway solution, and iControl Connect, a solution for home security and telecommunications companies.

iControl says the acquisition will help expand its offerings to new markets, such as rental properties, multiple-dwelling residences, and international audiences. As it works to expand its reach, the company hopes to bring affordable smart-home solutions to more people, inching closer and closer to its goal—a world where every home is “smart.”

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