M2M Network in the Works for U.S.


It won’t be long before the United States will have a nationwide M2M network.

M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC., http://m2mspectrum.com, is planning on rolling out a brand new licensed, all-IP (Internet protocol), wireless, M2M network in several phases, beginning in the second quarter of 2014.  By the end of 2015, 75% of the country is expected to be covered by the network, followed by a 95% coverage blanket in 2016.

In building this network, M2M Spectrum Networks will provide services for a number of IoT (Internet of Things) applications including security and alarm monitoring, electric power, fleet vehicle dispatch, and connected car solutions to name a few.

Barclay Knapp, chief executive officer for M2M Spectrum Networks sees the project as an extremely cost-effective and timely service to meet the M2M needs of his customers. Knapp says, as being the first licensed radio spectrum to build this type of network, he predicts M2M Networks will soon be able to provide “innovations in provisioning, monitoring, pricing, and other dimensions not yet seen in the marketplace.”

To meet customer demands and scheduled time frames, M2M is partnering with a number of wireless companies to assist with such things as system complexities and cost reductions. Joining up with M2M Spectrum Networks are: Commdex, www.commdex.com, Crown Castle, www.crowncastle.com, Raveon, www.raveon.com, TrueNet,  www.truenetcommunications.com. 4G Unwired, www.4GUnwired.com, and Powder River,  http://www.powderriverdev.com.

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