Partnership Ramps up M2M Ecosystem


Two major players in the tech world have combined efforts to streamline the M2M ecosystem into one package.

RacoWireless,, and Queclink,, have designed a kit which includes a SIM (subscriber identity module) card that allows users to match up their solutions with Raco’s carrier partners. In doing so, the bundle is expected to simplify the process solution providers use to get their services in play and create a successful deployment of a wireless M2M solution.

Queclink is making the kit available over four separate hardware models: GL200, GL300, GV55, and GV300. The GL series contains GPS (global positioning system) and GSM (global system for mobile communication) chipsets for applications such as lone workers, pets, and asset tracking. The GV vehicle tracker series handles a number of vehicle applications ranging from monitoring driver behaviors to accommodating Garmin,, support.

Adam Liao, president of Queclink, sees the partnership as a way for RacoWireless to use its data management solutions and his company’s hardware solutions to improve the M2M ecosystem and fill customer needs in a cost effective, time-saving fashion.

The device platform Omega Management Suite will be used to integrate solution providers to give them quick activation and oversight of their connected solutions “in a plug-and-play experience.” The devices will be preloaded with data from Raco’s worldwide carriers.

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