GPS Unit Leverages Cloud Technology


As smartphones and connected cars become more ubiquitous, companies in the PND (personal navigation device) market must find new ways to make their products as versatile and essential to everyday life as possible. Increasingly, this means adding all sorts of connected services and capabilities, turning GPS navigation devices into a hybrid between smartphones and in-dash infotainment systems.

Magellan,, a provider of portable GPS navigation devices as well as connected devices in markets such as outdoor and fitness, has launched a new cloud-connected navigation device: SmartGPS 5390. Magellan says the unit integrates social, local, and mobile content through the company’s cloud-enabled Smart Ecosystem.

This latest model in Magellan’s SmartGPS line combines the most relevant capabilities of a smartphone and a GPS unit when it comes to navigating. For instance, it offers advanced navigation enriched by location-relevant cloud content, as well as a familiar, 5-inch glass multi-touch screen. SmartGPS 5390 comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and includes free lifetime map updates and traffic alerts, among other features.

At $299.99, the device is much cheaper than installing a more traditional in-dash infotainment system. Magellan says in theory, SmartGPS 5390 can even save users time and money by delivering social reviews, money-saving offers, and alerts such as weather reports and current traffic conditions.

The solution wouldn’t be complete without Magellan’s free companion apps for iOS and Android smartphones meant to complement the SmartGPS 5390 device. Using the app, users can send “location sync,” sending locations from their phone to the GPS device for safer navigation and hands-free operation.

When it comes down to it, today’s society wants readily available information on the go. Devices that deliver this realtime data in a safe way are helping consumers live more informed, connected lives.

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