Improvements Come to ZoneDefense System


To keep up with the ever growing security issues that have arisen from the influx of mobile devices being used today, AirPatrol,, has announced its most significant upgrade to its ZoneDefense security platform in three years.

ZoneDefense 5.0 has a new software architecture and browser based interface allowing for greater scalability and management from almost any Internet connected device. This locating systems software-which tracks the presence of both cellular and Wi-Fi devices, finds them, and monitors their movements inside a building with sub two-meter precision- can now manage larger numbers of zone sensors to identify which device is emitting those signals.

The device’s upgrades allow for it to use more sensors to overcome obstacles such as size of coverage area, number of obstructions, and density of the mobile device.

In an effort to address the increasing mobility of systems and security managers, ZoneDefense 5.0 employs a Web-based UI (user interface), thus making it more convenient than dedicated client software. Administrators can manipulate the system from any device with a Web browser and network connection.

Other upgrades to the device include new reporting options, more granular zone-based alerts and triggers, and additional flexible configuration options.

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