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In the search for better ways to gather big data, several major technology industry heavyweights are putting their efforts together to improve the integration of the physical and digital spectrums to expand opportunities for businesses and organizations in global market development.

The IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium), as it will be called, is spearheaded by AT&T,, Cisco,, GE,, IBM,, and Intel, These companies will combine resources to allow organizations to easily connect and optimize assets, operations, and data in an effort to provide better value to industrial sectors.

This not-for-profit organization will look to enhance the connected world for many industrial environments by establishing interoperability through several means: using existing and creating new industry use cases and test beds for real-world applications, developing best practices and other means to ease deployment of connected technologies, influence the global standards development process for Internet and industrial systems, create open forums to exchange ideas, and promote new approaches to security.

By working together in this format, the IIC is hoping to create an ecosystem under which common frameworks and standards can serve to accelerate the IoT (Internet of Things) movement. Everything from healthcare to transportation to energy is in the sights of the IIC as it looks to combine the physical world with cyberspace to open up the boundaries for business growth and development.

Enrollment into the IIC is open for any business, organization, or entity looking to drive global market development for the Industrial Internet. AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM, and Intel will all have permanent seats on an elected IIC steering committee in addition to four elected members.

The ever increasing influence of this technology is not going unnoticed by the federal government. More than $100 million a year is being invested in research and development related to cyberphysical systems, and the government has partnered with the private sector on test beds in such areas as healthcare, transportation, and security of the electric grid.

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