Minimizing TCO in M2M


“A bright spot in the rapidly maturing mobile industry.” This is one of the many ways M2M has been described in 2014. With growth-projection numbers suggesting market revenues will reach nearly $45 billion within five years’ time, industry players are left wondering what steps to take in order to get their company to that next level. For some M2M customers, growth could come by taking a look at existing solutions and service agreements and finding ways to reduce TCO (total cost of ownership), thereby boosting the bottomline.

Aeris Communications,, believes that by understanding the true value of an M2M/IOT (Internet of Things) wireless services agreement, companies can reduce the costs and the headaches involved with managing a cellular communication program. Aeris is a cellular network designed and built for machines, but it also strives to be a business partner for those leveraging M2M connectivity.

In this vein, the company has compiled a whitepaper entitled, "The Truth about Roaming," which lists the hidden costs and other factors companies should be aware of to avoid overpaying for cellular M2M service. Aeris says in order to judge the true costs of M2M connectivity, companies should avoid rigid, inflexible contract terms and conditions, as well as inflexible rate plans. They should also keep an eye out for troubleshooting fees, fees to suspend and unsuspend devices, “rounding” costs, roaming charges, and hidden fees for activations, onboarding new customers, and switching plans mid-cycle.

The company says transparent pricing is an important selling point for its business, as is Aeris’ ability to be flexible when customers must make changes to their deployment by suspending devices, activating new devices, or swapping rate plans. Because each M2M customer’s needs can vary greatly—both from other customers’ needs and from its own needs six months ago—working with a service provider willing to adapt its wireless services agreements can make a big difference in TCO throughout the lifecycle of a deployment.

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