Wearables Run the Gamut


Wearable devices are becoming more common as companies make them sleeker, more stylish, and more powerful. Perhaps the question is not whether wearables will catch on among the masses, but which wearables will hit mainstream, and for which features will these devices become essential?

There are a wide range of wearable connected devices—from smartwatches that push the wearer notifications from her smartphone to activity-tracking bands that help wearers monitor their fitness levels. There are even devices such as the iewei Wellness Wristband from iewei, www.iewei.net, which monitor electromagnetic radiation and alert the wearer in realtime if it senses dangerous levels.

A new wearable solution from hereO, www.hereofamily.com, an end-to-end family location service, is targeted at society’s youngest connected consumers—children. The hereO GPS watch is a realtime GPS tracking device designed for children ages three and up. When used in conjunction with the free hereO family location app, the GPS watch functions as a tracker, providing parents with the location data they need to rest at ease when their child is out of sight.

hereO says the device is unique in that it was designed to be durable, affordable, easy to use, and aesthetically appealing to young children. The solution allows parents to create geofences, check in with each other using the app, and, in the event of emergency, respond quickly to a situation using current and historical location data. The watch also has an optional childproof-locking mechanism, it’s water resistant, and it has a built-in panic button. The Indiegogo-funded device is now available for preorder.

Whether it’s keeping families safe and connected, keeping us aware of our surroundings and what invisible dangers may be lurking there, or keeping track of our steps throughout the day, there’s a wearable device on the market for consumers with a variety of different needs. Just how inexpensive these devices need to be to appeal to the mainstream remains to be seen. What the market seems to be working out now is which features will make wearable connected devices valuable enough to the end user.

Yesterday, we announced Google’s foray into the smartwatch market by announcing Android Wear, what’s next? The wearable market is growing the competition is certainly heating up.

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