Platform Engages Brick-and-Mortar Shoppers


Considering the fact consumers can’t get enough of their connected devices, it makes sense retail companies would want to leverage mobile technologies to further engage customers in their shopping experience. While the brick-and-mortar-style of commerce seems to be here to stay—at least for the near future—that doesn’t mean that, thanks to connected devices and solutions, it won’t look different than it has in the past.

Qliktag Software,, a mobile software solution provider, is hoping to help bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar stores and the “digital world.” The company recently announced the launch of Q*Engine, its cloud-based platform for in-store mobile merchandising. Qliktag says the platform allows brands and retailers to design and set up interactive mobile experiences in a physical store.

Qliktag says Q*Engine will allow its customers to sign in, set up their brand and product catalog, and design unique mobile experiences for each campaign, product category, or individual product. Interactive experiences might include contests, promotions, coupons, loyalty programs, or other campaigns.

The platform could also increase sell-through rates by providing product information to consumers when they scan barcodes or QR codes, or via other methods of delivering data to their smart devices, such as NFC (near-field communication), Bluetooth, or iBeacon. Beyond retail, Q*Engine could benefit a wide range of sectors. Current customers include car dealerships and breweries.

For brands and retailers, a mobile retail solution not only helps them connect and engage with their customers, it provides valuable insight into consumer behavior. As consumers access product data, retailers and other brands can gather data, too, about the time and location of the consumer as he interacts with the products.

Showrooming, price comparison, and product research in brick-and-mortar stores are a product of the ubiquity of mobile connected devices, and the phenomenon is not going away. Solutions that harness these devices and technologies can empower brands with an interactive mobile strategy capable of engaging consumers at the point of sale.

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