Connecting Your Car and Home


It might not be too far off before your home and your car talk to each other or at the very least they become more integrated. We are just beginning to see the next iteration of this from tech companies Zubie,, and iControl Networks,, which recently announced a very unique partnership that involves their connected car and connected home solutions.

Zubie offers technology that enables drivers to receive data about car and driving activity even when the vehicle is not running, while iControl allows homeowners to automate the home with monitoring and security controls. Together, the companies plan to provide an interface where the monitoring systems are able to ‘talk’ and a home dashboard will display realtime information about families on the road.

A device plugs into a car’s ODB (on-board diagnostics) port and enables safer driving and less expense through the driver-centric data that is collected. Zubie provides users with safety alerts and realtime location awareness, as well as updates on vehicle health and performance.

Even when the car is not running, AlwaysSmart stays on, providing total car activity data. Zubie’s iControl allows consumers to automate their homes as well, enabling cameras, sensors, door-lock mechanisms, light automations, and temperature controls. All of these automated controls are available through this alliance through one monitoring platform.

We are already seeing more and more homebuilders offering these types of home-automation features in their new home models. The real question is how soon before the next generation of smart homes will be closely aligned with the connected car? For instance, KB Home,, unveiled its first ZeroHouse 2.0, which includes both home-automation technology, as well as a garage that comes equipped with an EV (electric vehicle) charger for both hybrid and electric vehicles.

Toll Brothers,, announced it is working with Control4 Corp.,, to include the latest technologies in new homes. With this partnership, prospective homebuyers are able to select several pre-configured home-automation packages, which include intelligent lighting, thermostats, smart locks, touchscreens, multiroom audio/video, and smartphone and tablet accessibility. The future looks very bright as more and more companies are working together to more closely integrate our vehicle and our homes.

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