ORBCOMM Orbits with New Satellite Modems


ORBCOMM, www.orbcomm.com, a provider of M2M solutions announced the production of its next generation of satellite modems, ideal for OEM (original-equipment manufacturers)-integration. OEM-integration into satellite M2M applications is intended for transportation and distribution, heavy equipment, and even government markets.

These modems compatible with the OG1 (original satellite modem) as well as supporting OG2 services when the next generation commences this Spring.

Two versions of the satellite modems are being offered by ORBCOMM, including OG2-M and OG2-GPS (global-positioning system). These two versions feature a single power supply input, making them extremely flexible for product designers. Low-power consumption is made possible by enabling individual control power to varying sections of the modem.
ORBCOMM’s kit includes an OG2 satellite modem, an evaluation board, a power supply compatible with universal outlets, multiple antennas, and a USB-serial adapter, including software and a Quick Start Guide CD.

Working with ORBCOMM, Quake Global, www.quakeglobal.com, which is also involved in asset tracking satellite M2M modems, is offering a full list of devices and will enable M2M communications for both OG1 and OG2 networks.

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