New Alliance for Smart Cities


Imagine bringing the benefits of M2M to everyone and everything. Proponents of this type of fully connected world refer to not just the IoT (Internet of Things), but the Internet of Everything—a world in which cars, homes, buildings, hospitals, cities, and entire nations are “on the grid,” so to speak, mining intelligence from devices that enable decisions in every aspect of a person’s life.

A new strategic alliance between Cisco,, and Zurich-based AGT Intl.,, a provider of analytics and prediction software solutions, aims to provide game-changing Internet-of-Everything solutions for smart cities. Whereas, today, the majority of the physical world is not connected to the Internet, these two companies believe many processes within a city center—from traffic management to managing urban security—would benefit from their vision of a more connected world.

To realize their vision, the alliance will leverage Cisco’s networking and computing technologies with AGT’s smart cities platform and supporting technologies to provide cost-effective, efficient service delivery capable of enhancing citizens’ daily lives. Focus areas include transportation, healthcare, utilities infrastructure, disaster preparedness, and personal safety, among others.

The companies say the first solutions will be available this year and will focus on two areas. First, the alliance will focus on delivering a traffic-management solution that will “identify, respond to, and resolve traffic incidents” by providing realtime situational awareness. The system will involve live video feeds and analytics, wireless sensors, license-plate readers, and advanced methods of analyzing this data and transmitting it to masses, including through the use of social media.

Secondly, the alliance will focus on developing an urban safety solution that will help cities “predict, prepare for, respond to, and mitigate operational and safety incidents.” To do this, the companies will leverage software that utilizes city data mined from sensors, video feeds, and social media feeds to pinpoint suspicious activities and recommend an appropriate response. In the future, Cisco and AGT hope to launch M2M solutions that will address critical urban infrastructure such as airports, public transportation, and event venues such as stadiums.

As urban centers look to maximize resources and tighten security—both cyber and physical, city leaders must consider the benefits of M2M technology to provide new insight into existing processes. By taking advantage of the opportunities today’s cutting-edge technologies can deliver, the cities of tomorrow will be “smarter,” safer, and more connected.

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