Audi of America Connects with 4G LTE

When it comes to innovative in-vehicle technologies, today’s cutting-edge car companies are looking to equip their new lineups with equally cutting-edge solutions for infotainment, safety, and connectivity. Today from the Chicago Auto Show, two companies announced they plan to partner to deliver an immersive in-car experience supported by 4G LTE.

Luxury automaker Audi of America,, has unveiled its decision to work with RacoWireless,, a provider of wireless data solutions in the M2M industry, to support the next generation of its Audi connect program. According to the companies, this means RacoWireless will provide complete connectivity management, including nonstop call-center support.

The two companies also announced earlier this year they will partner to provide the first 4G LTE-connected cars to come to market—Audi’s new line of A3 vehicles, expected in 2015. The A3 vehicles will provide realtime information, voice navigation, and Wi-Fi connectivity using 4G LTE. Eventually, Audi says it plans to roll out 4G LTE to its entire lineup of vehicles.

When done correctly—and with proper consumer education—in-vehicle technology can make the driving experience more data rich, more safe, and more entertaining. By delivering an immersive infotainment experience that meets the needs of today’s drivers, tech providers and automakers that are working toward safe connectivity solutions are moving the industry forward, and there seems to be no turning back.

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