Satellite Support for Remote M2M


From oil and gas to mining, shipping, and other operations that often involve remote areas and/or harsh environments, M2M-enabled solutions can be tricky, but no less mission-critical. For these types of businesses and organizations, partners willing to go to great lengths to provide reliable communications can be invaluable.

Orange Business Services,, the Orange branch dedicated to B2B, recently took steps to be that partner for its customer, SES,, a satellite operator and provider of satellite-communications services to business and governmental organizations. Orange announced it has renewed and expanded its network capacity in Siberia to support its growing network connectivity needs.

According to Orange, reliable connectivity within remote geographical areas like Siberiais “of vital importance” to its customers and its customers’ customers. As a result of continued growth and demand within the Russian market, Orange Business Services will host the high-powered NSS-12 satellite, which will help it provide the communications services needed to support the 3G and 4G demands of businesses across the Russian Federation.

Within the past decade, Orange says there has been a steady increase in the demand for connectivity demand within this region. The company currently serves 4,500 business customers in Russia, providing flexible and reliable satellite solutions depending on the customers’ specific needs.

From organizing humanitarian and aid efforts in remote areas to running other mission-critical applications in harsh climates and environments, satellite communication solutions can get data from point A to point B. With this vital data, decisions can be made and business can happen, even when and where it’s not convenient.

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