Wilson Boosts Their Boosters


Manufacturer of cellular signal boosters, Wilson Electronics, www.wilsonelectronics.com, has signed an agreement with the Authorized Integrators Network, www.aingroup.com, to better serve the residential and commercial building industry. This agreement will make Wilson signal boosters and the company’s other products available to AiN customers and AiN group members will be able to receive special customized service from a Wilson representative.

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find service inside one of your favorite locations? Wilson’s line of boosters offers enhanced data and voice coverage indoors for all devices and carriers. AiN group is well known for their state-of-the-art low voltage technology so Wilson is looking forward to this collaboration as a way to improving their products.

The agreement will enable Wilson to provide consumers with fewer dropped calls, increased voice quality, speedy data downloads, enhanced battery life, extended indoor cellular coverage, and reliable connections. Basically, the troubles cellular consumers have had with various carriers in the past will be avoided with Wilson’s new technology thanks to the agreement with AiN.

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