Evoz, Baby Monitors and Beyond


Behind every great M2M solution is a data-driven service platform, because, in the end, it’s all about the data. From connected solutions that help you keep track of your assets, to those that help you keep track of your children and your home, M2M-generated data can provide insight and peace of mind where there was none before.

When one entrepreneur recognized the need for a connected device that could give him and his wife visibility into the nursery while they attempted to barbeque in the yard, Evoz, www.myevoz.com, was born. While Evoz has its roots as a provider of a Wi-Fi-connected baby monitor that not only provides wireless monitoring, but collects and transmits data such as sleep duration, the company is in the process of expanding its horizons.

Thanks to a new partnership with British Telecom, www.bt.com, Evoz hopes to power the next wave of connected devices in the home. The company says its platform will provide monitoring capabilities by collecting and analyzing data for the next generation of British Telecom connected-home products.

Similar to the operating principle behind its connected baby monitor, Evoz believes home-monitoring solutions can go beyond isolated connected devices to become more comprehensive systems. For instance, this type of comprehensive home-monitoring system would allow consumers to detect events in their home and create customized responses based on the type of event.

The ultimate goal is to leverage Evoz’s platform to increase the products’ reliability at launch, while decreasing time to market. As more companies partner to do the same, the connectedness between consumers and their homes, their assets, and even their loved ones, will reach new heights.

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