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The pet industry is made up of more than a billion domesticated dogs and cats, with approximately a $100 billion invested globally. It is a huge market, and unfortunately, most pet owners do not have the proper time or information to adequately take care of and manage their pet’s health. More than half of the domesticated in the United States are overweight, facing numerous health risks. Taking notice is Los Angeles-based pet device company, Petnet,, which closed a million dollar seed funding round and launched the company’s first product, Smartfeeder.

Smartfeeder promises to aid in the wellbeing of pets across the nation. Through unique combinations of hardware, smart software, and Internet connectivity, Petnet is an example of this trend. Smartfeeder possesses technology capable of learning algorithms, and processing dietary requirements of a pet, and to create a custom-feeding schedule attuned to a pet’s individual needs. Accessed and controlled by a smartphone, tablet or computer, pet owners can now be notified of when their pet has been fed and even reminded to purchase more food.

It’s an innovative tool any pet owner will find useful, bringing peace of mind and a sense that one’s pet is remaining healthy and happy, even when an owner cannot be there. Petnet’s Smartfeeder will become available to consumers by mid-2014.

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