M2M Serves up Realtime Data in Food and Pharma


In many industries, the ability to gather realtime data about mission-critical processes has changed the decisionmaking process for owners, operators, managers, and employees who are taking advantage of M2M technologies and solutions. In some cases more than others—for instance, first response and public safety, fleet-operating businesses, and within supply chains that handle perishable items—realtime monitoring solutions deliver the data necessary to be successful.
In the food and pharmaceutical industries, the need for realtime, actionable data is clearcut. For customers receiving deliveries of these types of assets, M2M-enabled tracking and monitoring solutions can provide not only GPS location, but also indisputable evidence about the environmental conditions under which a product has been transported. When dealing with temperature-sensitive assets in particular, M2M provides proof that a product is of the utmost quality upon delivery.

Two companies, KPN, www.kpn.com, and Dyzle, www.dyzle.com, recently partnered to combine their M2M and RFID (radio-frequency identification)-enabled asset-tracking solutions for the food and pharmaceutical sectors. KPN is a Netherlands-based telecommunications and ICT (information and communications technology) service provider. Part of its mission is to drive innovation that will help food and pharma customers improve core business efficiency and comply with health regulations.

Dyzle offers a cloud-based solution that collects data such as temperature, humidity, energy consumption, and CO2 levels, then analyzes this data and makes it visible from Internet-enabled devices. Together, the two companies will help customers measure and analyze data throughout the cold chain in realtime—whether it’s from farm to fork or from production to patient.

The companies say their integrated platform fits in with a growing industry trend—analytics. As unprecedentedly large amounts of data are collected, enterprise customers must make sense of this data. KPN and Dyzle’s platform will present data on personal dashboards capable of both providing a snapshot at any point in time or warning about potentially damaging situations in realtime.

By shedding light on the history of a product before it arrives and is consumed by an end user, M2M can enhance general management of assets, as well as logistics management, and, of course, quality assurance. With M2M, those in food and pharmaceuticals can maximize efficiency, minimize loss, and ensure regulatory compliance. For these industries, the M2M business case sells itself.

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