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The M2M market can be described in many ways, but one word that definitely does not describe it is “stagnant.” Thanks to innovators who constantly look forward instead of backward, the M2M industry has blossomed in more directions than originally seemed possible. Part of the market’s DNA, it seems, also has to do with mergers and acquisitions. M&As not only promote growth opportunities, they create ripple effects throughout the entire industry.

This week, established market player Sierra Wireless,, made a move that will extend its reach in key M2M markets. The company entered into an agreement to acquire Canada-based In Motion Technology,, for $21 million.

In Motion Technology provides mobile enterprise solutions for customers with fleets, including a management platform, an application suite designed to improve situational awareness, a mobile-optimized security system, and a rugged in-vehicle mobile router. Together, these elements supply In Motion’s customers—public-safety organizations, transit companies, and utility fleets, among others—with the ability to manage their assets more intelligently.

Through the acquisition, Sierra Wireless says it’s looking to both broaden its enterprise solutions portfolio and enhance its leadership position in the high-growth areas of public safety, transit, and commercial fleet markets. The companies believe their solution sets will complement each other, providing a comprehensive solution suite capable of imbuing mission-critical businesses with a secure, managed communications solution. The transaction is expected to close in March.

This strategic M&A move is one of many Sierra Wireless has made throughout its history, including acquiring the M2M business of AnyDATA in 2013, as well as divesting its AirCard business to Netgear during the same year. Sierra also acquired the M2M arm of Sagemcom in 2012, Wavecom in 2009, Junxion assets in 2008, and AirLink Communications in 2007, among others.

As more businesses look to adopt technology that can streamline operations and help keep tabs on mobile operations, including assets such as fleet vehicles and mobile workers, M2M solution providers are finding more outlets for their products and services. Through well-timed and well-executed M&As, M2M companies can position themselves to take advantage of an enterprise market ripe for expansion.

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