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In 2012, the Summer Olympic Games in London gained a reputation as the most connected Olympics to date. Will Sochi spectators rely just as heavily on their connected devices? As soon as the Olympic cauldron is lit for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, beginning early February in Sochi, Russia, thousands of spectators will turn to their devices to maximize their experience. Luckily, mobile location-based services technology, along with widespread adoption of Wi-Fi and cellular-enabled devices, means app developers are equipped to meet fans’ needs.  

Samsung Electronics,, is answering the call for Android users. The company’s Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games app, called WOW (Wireless Olympic Works), will transform Android devices into “mobile sports stations” that mobile-device users can harness to create a personalized Olympics experience. For instance, with location-based technology embedded in users’ Android devices, Samsung WOW will help direct fans to their intended venues and other destinations.

The public WOW app will also provide realtime access to event schedules, results, and medal standings. This type of realtime data is particularly important for fans keeping track of Olympic records, which don’t tend to last very long before the bar is set even higher. Since fans can’t be in two places at once, the app will even push important moments to their devices in realtime. 

In addition to unique social-networking features, the app offers a “Visual Sports Guide” with tutorials on each Winter Games sport, including rules and interesting facts. The ultimate goal of this type of personalized, high-tech experience is to make guests feel integrated into the Olympics experience.

Samsung is also providing a version of the WOW wireless-communications platform that was developed specifically for the officials and staff members who will be servicing the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. According to the company, it will provide nearly 18,000 mobile devices to the Olympic executives, staff, and officials as part of the Samsung Smart Olympic Games Initiative—a service first launched during the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens. The solution will make it easier to share key data that will help the Games run more smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to realtime data, location-based services, and other interactive communication tools, Sochi spectators will have the information they need to navigate the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. As Olympic athletes prepare to take center stage in just a few weeks, connected devices and solutions will be there to make sure their feats are shared and enjoyed by millions around the globe.

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