Verizon Supports Connected Breathalyzer


From connected fitness bracelets to remote oil and gas monitoring applications, M2M enables the transfer of data that can help humans make critical decisions for their business and personal lives. As sensors and other technologies become more sophisticated, the connected devices that are integral to many M2M solutions are also becoming more mission critical. In some cases, the data these devices collect and transfer can be life saving.

In 2012, SOBERLINK,, an innovator in mobile alcohol-monitoring technology, joined forces with Verizon Wireless,, to launch its SL2 device—a handheld breathalyzer powered by cellular technology. SL2 devices collect a deep-lung breath sample and measure the users’ BAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration). Once a sample is collected, the device wirelessly sends test results to a monitoring Website. Here, the cloud-based system generates instant alerts if results suggest the user has had a relapse. 

In a video just released by the companies, SOBERLINK officials describe the connected breathalyzer device and stress the importance of Verizon’s hosted private network to the efficacy of the solution. As with other connected solutions in healthcare, mobile payments, and other areas that involve the transfer of sensitive information, privacy is extremely important to individuals seeking help during a recovery from alcohol addiction.

The promotional video is designed to spread awareness about how M2M can tangibly impact consumers’ lives and society as a whole. Along with the new video, SOBERLINK has also recently announced the addition of adaptive facial-recognition technology to its mobile alcohol-monitoring system.

The integration of facial-recognition software, along with the device’s embedded high-resolution camera, allows the breathalyzer to capture a photo of its user at the time of the BAC test. This photo, which helps with identity verification, is then sent along with test results and the user’s location to SOBERLINK’s backend via Verizon’s private network, where it is monitored. 

SOBERLINK says the addition of facial-recognition software is the “final step” in making its system completely automated. The feature will release to all customers early this year. Also coming this year is the company’s latest iteration, SLBLUE, which offers the convenience of submitting breath-alcohol tests through an existing Wi-Fi or cellular connection via a user’s iPhone or iPad. 

Aiming to help change behavior and securely promote accountability for those with a history of driving while drunk, a connected breathalyzer is not just a cool idea; it’s a life-saving device. 

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