ARCHOS Reveals New Devices


In the run-up to CES 2014 in Las Vegas, companies are already taking the wrappings off their latest products. One consumer electronics firm recently announced a slate of connected devices designed to make home life easier.

ARCHOS,, announced connected objects including a weather station, home camera, activity tracker, blood pressure monitor, and smartwatches. The company says the new products are meant to enhance connectivity at home while also promoting health and well-being.

The wireless connected objects are compatible with Android and iOS platforms, and they use the Bluetooth Low Energy standard for connectivity. Users can interact with the devices using the ARCHOS Smart Home app or the company’s Smart Home tablet.

One of the new ARCHOS products is a connected weather station, which will be on display during CES. The station provides indoor and outdoor information on conditions such as CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and environmental noise levels. All the data is available via the app or tablet device. A dedicated weather app can also record and track trends over time.

On the health and wellness side, ARCHOS will offer a connected scale that can recognize four different users. It can also measure body mass and height and track body-fat mass. Onboard memory is designed to prevent any data loss between synchronizations. Additionally, the new ARCHOS activity tracker records daily footsteps and calories burned and can sync with a user’s smartphone.

The scale and fitness tracker—plus a connected blood pressure monitor—are meant to work with the ARCHOS Connected Self App. The app stores data from the various devices and makes it available to the user. Key metrics are available for quick reference, and graphs track activity over time. 

ARCHOS is showing it is committed to the concept of connectivity, and these new devices will offer consumers more options for living the monitored life.

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