Education and the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things may be a popular buzzword right now, but figuring out the technology requires more than a surface understanding. As companies try to determine how the Internet of Things and M2M can work for them, they are often in need of guidance on how to choose and implement the right solutions.

This need for education has led one advisory services firm, INEX Advisors,, to offer a new Internet of Things Education/Training and Commercialization Program – How YOU IoT for Scale, Value, and Profit. The program is designed to help guide businesses through the journey of researching, selecting, and implementing these solutions.

INEX Advisors believes many companies need help to deploy Internet of Things solutions, whether they are being used internally or as an external revenue-producing product or service. According to Chris Rezendes, president of INEX Advisors, the advisory firm’s field work indicates management and operations teams are serious about deploying these solutions in the next three years.

However, Rezendes says, “The big challenge is that these companies typically do not have the internal resources to drive Internet of Things adoption or deployment. They are lacking the specific education, training, and opportunity identification resources that are required to position themselves, and their partners, to make IoT investment decisions quickly and with confidence.”
Rezendes also cites a recent study sponsored by ARM,, that found a lack of Internet of Things skills and knowledge among employees and management is viewed as the biggest obstacle to using the Internet of Things more extensively. The study said to close these skills gaps, some organizations are training staff and recruiting Internet of Things talent, while others are hiring consultants and third-party experts. Overall, the study found additional education would be helpful for most organizations looking to implement the Internet of Things for their business.

INEX Advisors’ new program will include information on a variety of Internet of Things issues, such as key solution architecture and enabling technologies, new business models, and data ownership and privacy considerations.

The goal is to provide a “soup-to-nuts” program for Internet of Things education and training, says INEX Advisors. For organizations looking to dive into the world of connected products and services, education can provide a more coherent plan for the future.

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