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With GPS chips becoming smaller and less expensive, the technology is finding its way into more devices. GPS tracking allows people to keep tabs on the things that matter most, and a small device can mean peace of mind for parents, pet owners, and anyone concerned their valuables may go astray.

GPS tracking for children and pets is a market witnessing the introduction of new consumer devices. Telenor Connexion,, is providing technology for a new tracker developed by WTS (Wonder Technology Solutions), the company behind Trax GPS devices,

The new device will be sold in more than 30 countries, and it features an integrated SIM (subscriber identity module) card from Telenor Connexion. Telenor will also provide connectivity via a multi-operator agreement.

Trax GPS combines a device with an application that’s designed for use with smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as computers. The small device clips onto a child’s backpack or a pet’s collar, and it allows the user to locate the device from anywhere. If the device leaves a preset zone, the system sends a push alert to the parent or owner. Other alerts include low battery, a dropped device, or exceeding a predetermined speed. 

Monitoring the location of children and pets is often accomplished by attaching a device. But what if you have a personal item you want to track? More and more, everyday object are featuring embedded tracking capabilities.

One example is the Royce Freedom Wallet, a wallet designed to let the owner know its location as well as protecting personal data. Produced by Royce,, the leather wallet features both GPS tracking and RFID (radio-frequency identification) blocking technology.

The wallet connects with the user’s mobile device via an app, allowing the owner to keep track of the wallet’s location. Royce also says the wallet is made from a lining of RFID blocking material, which is designed to prevent thieves with readers from swiping personal identification information from cards.

Tracking technology is making it easier to hang on to valuable possessions and monitor loved ones’ location. The ease of integrating this technology into items likely ensures we will see more traceable products in the future.

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