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Like many M2M products, recovery devices are typically designed to be flexible, which opens up the door to an unlimited amount of potential applications.

Inilex’s, www.inilex.com, Skylink system allows users to track driving habits, such as speed, monitor diagnostics such as battery life, and even set up geofence alerts when vehicles go outside of defined boundaries. Jimmy Holliday, rental director at Toyota Rent-a-car in Union City, Ga., www.toyotaofunioncity.com/Rental-Cars.html, for example, says he plans to use the geofence feature in the future so he knows when his rental cars move across state lines. Concerned parents of teenage drivers could also take advantage of these features.

Globalstar, www.globalstar.com, is seeing a wide range of uses for its technology as well. The University of Miami is currently using the technology as part of a large research study about ocean surface flow. Since summer 2012, researchers have placed more than 300 SPOT Satellite GPS Messengers into the Gulf of Mexico to collect data that will help determine how ocean flow is affected by disasters such as oil spills and hurricanes.

Globalstar has also leveraged its satellite technology for use in industrial applications. The company’s SmartOne device, which uses a combination of satellite and RF technology, has been used in applications ranging from tree removal to aviation tracking. “There are just an enormous number of applications,” Barbee Ponder, general console at Globalstar notes. “It just takes someone to say, ‘I need to figure out how to put that technology to work to make my life easier.’”

With virtually limitless applications, today’s tracking devices are proving to be a reliable way for companies and individuals to locate and recover important assets. Thanks to M2M technology, today’s recovery systems can reduce costs, collect additional data, and, once in a while, save a life.

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