M2M Helps Care For Senior Citizens

M2M and connected devices have proven they can be extremely valuable in helping us care for those who sometimes need extra assistance. Case in point: senior citizens. While many might argue they are the wisest among us, the practicalities of aging mean they sometimes need help in their day-to-day lives. Thankfully, M2M can provide that help.

For instance, Position Logic, www.positionlogic.com, recently integrated the POMCell device from Zorah, www.zorahllc.com, into its GPS tracking platform. The device is small enough to be carried in a pocket or worn as a pendant, yet has a variety of connected functions. The POMCell can take calls like a phone, but it also allows for realtime location tracking, alert notifications, and the use of a panic button. In addition, the device features geo-fencing capabilities which can trigger M2M alerts, as well as speed monitoring, which can trigger alerts if the user is driving when they shouldn’t be.

Position Logic and Zorah hope this M2M solution will not only offer peace-of-mind to those caring for an elderly person in their lives, but that it will further illustrate the wide range of applications and solutions M2M technology can offer the world.

“The Position Logic POMCell integration enables powerful M2M solutions that can actually save lives,” says John Horn, president of RACO Wireless, Position Logic’s parent company. “It’s a poignant reminder that the Internet of Things is about so much more than, say, using your laptop to turn on your porch light; it puts you in complete control.”

Remote monitoring will likely be a key element in the future of elder care. However, M2M’s ability to care for senior citizens extends beyond that. For instance, companies like Abiogenix, www.abiogenix.com, AdhereTech, www.adheretech.com, have released smart pill boxes and dispensers. Thus, those with loved ones who have medication adherence issues can ensure they’re staying on schedule.

In addition, for seniors who have difficulty leaving their home, connected technology enables various telehealth applications to bring remote care to seniors. Doctors and nurses can offer seniors a personalized diagnosis, as well as treatment planning, without the hazards that might be associated with removing them from the home.

The world’s aging population is reportedly on the rise, and senior citizens seemingly make up more of our collective society than ever before. Thus, it behooves us as a society to take care of our seniors. As time goes on, M2M is proving to be more and more helpful in that respect.

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