M2M to Foster Industry Growth

M2M and connected devices are in a position to not only improve efficiencies in the workplace, but also unveil new information those companies didn’t know existed, which can be used to improve operations. Connected technology can especially reap benefits for businesses with physical assets. The ability to track and monitor these assets opens the door for increased productivity.

One man who knows this very well is Mobeen Khan, director of advanced mobility solutions for AT&T Business Solutions, www.att.com. Khan oversees product marketing strategy, and develops AT&T’s M2M solutions for business and government consumers. In a recent interview with The Peggy Smedley Show, Khan noted there’ve been a variety of developments in “productivity enhancement” technologies in the last 30 years. Computers came first, followed by laptops, and then the Internet. Khan says the next stage in that cycle, particularly for businesses with physical assets, is M2M.

“There’s so much data inside and around those physical assets that you can use to optimize and put services around … it’s going to add billions and trillions of dollars into the economy,” Khan says.

Khan says there are three common optimizations that companies across a variety of markets are hoping to make in terms of M2M and their physical assets…

• “Turning the red light into a green light,” i.e. remedying any issues with equipment, and doing it quickly.
• Looking at data from multiple pieces of equipment over an extended period of time, and monitoring trends to optimize operations.
• Determining what new information the data can reveal.

When looked at from this perspective, perhaps it’s no surprise to hear Khan say many industrial manufacturers are looking to imbed connected technology into they’re operations, given the amount of maintenance industrial equipment can require at times.

“You’ll hear over the next three years a lot of manufacturers making announcements around embedding communications into whatever they manufacture, especially for the industrial sector,” Khan says.

Khan will have the opportunity to share his insights on the M2M industry with a number of other companies in the M2M industry, as this week AT&T Business Solutions announced it is joining forces with the IMC (Intl. M2M Council), www.im2mc.org. Khan will be serving on the organization’s board.

“We see the IMC as another opportunity to help educate businesses about how M2M solutions can help to transform their business,” says Mobeen Khan, executive director of advanced mobility solutions at AT&T Business Solutions. Per this agreement, Khan will serve on the IMC board.

As part of the IMC, Khan will work alongside representatives from Oracle, www.oracle.com; Deutsche Telekom, www.telekom.com; Digi Intl., www.digi.com; ORBCOMM, www.orbcomm.com; Telit Wireless Solutions, www.telit.com.

Clearly, M2M’s potential is vast. In turn, Individuals and organizations with an eye toward the future, may find themselves in an ideal position to take advantage of that potential when the time is right.

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