M2M Requires Billing Flexibility and Variety

In the end, no matter how much efficiency or convenience a technology may offer, if it can’t successfully generate money, the market doesn’t evolve or progress. Thus, in order to successfully monetize M2M, providers are largely dependent on billing systems designed to fit their specific needs.

However, for some organizations it can prove difficult to find a good match, as the M2M market can be so vast and varied. What’s more, small or medium-sized businesses can find themselves mismatched with a billing service better suited for a larger organization. This is where companies that provide flexible, scalable billing services come in handy.

One such company is Cycle30, www.cycle30.com, which prides itself on offering a flexible billing platform, accessible to both direct M2M customers, as well as OEMs (original-equipment manufacturers).

When the company was in its inception period, it spent a great deal of time communicating with CIOs (chief information officers) of mid-tier level companies, asking them what they were looking for in a billing provider. One of the recurring answers was that the provider not install software which forced the company to change its business practices. As Cycle30 was once a telecom service provider itself, the company knew firsthand the value of this kind of convenience. As such, the company chose not to install billing software, but rather create a flexible, cloud-based billing platform.

Via its platform, Cycle30 is able to work with small and medium-sized companies, as well as the larger scale organizations. The company can process charging, rating, and balance management for both recurring and usage-based charges, in addition to invoicing, device provisioning, inventory management, customer care, and Web-based end-customer self-care. Also, diversity is not an issue, as the platform is built to handle multiple languages and currency types.

What’s more, Cycle30’s services are available 24/7 via data centers across North America and Europe. The company can work with clients from the moment their customer calls, to the moment they receive payment on a bill.

Billing may not always be a pleasant topic of conversation. But it’s a vital component to M2M. Thus, it’s important the billing service be manageable, and ultimately flexible to suit the needs of the vast array of M2M companies.

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