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Our lives are becoming more connected with M2M, as data provides much-needed answers to everyday questions. Is the house cool enough? What does our energy consumption look like this month? Does the car have gas in it (or is it charged)? One area of our lives this influx of data is becoming very prevalent is health and wellness.

The number of health and fitness apps and solutions is on the increase, with some analysts suggesting this is a highly fragmented market. The global mobile healthcare market, which is already estimated at $6.3 billion in revenue for 2013, is expected to skyrocket to more than $20.6 billion by 2018, according to MarketsandMarkets, www.marketsandmarkets.com.

Even with this influx of data, there are a number of challenges the healthcare industry will face in the coming years, as it relates to managing all this health-related data. The fragmented market is just one concern; the significant price difference is another. Nearly 90% of fitness and health apps are free, which could lower the adoption rate of the other health and medical apps among healthcare professionals.

Still, the amount of data in the healthcare space continues to surge, especially as more consumers are using connected devices and want immediate access to their data.

To meet this need, technology companies are working on new connected devices everyday to give this data to consumers. For example, last week, Orange Business Services, www.orange-business.com, and Weinmann, www.weinmann.de, announced a new M2M solution for patients with sleep apnea, which will be available in France beginning in October 2013.

homecareONLINE collects patient data from devices and shares that information securely with the patient and the healthcare provider. A communication module integrated into the Weinmann CPAP device sends data securely via the Orange network to a connected health center. Orange assisted with the SIM connection, application development and integration, hosting services, and service management.

The companies say the M2M solution is in compliance with e-health regulations and international data protection guidelines. The end result: Healthcare data in the pockets of patients and hospital staff.

Another recent example of a new M2M solution for the healthcare industry comes from Biocartis, www.biocartis.com, which has a DNA-based in vitro diagnostics system. The company was looking to develop remote services for its Molecular Diagnostics Platform and began working with ThingWorx, www.thingworx.com, which provides the remote instrument connectivity.

The remote capabilities of the molecular diagnostics solutions will give much-needed data to healthcare professionals, ultimately providing value-added offerings for customers and partners.

Connected devices and apps are becoming more common in the healthcare space, as consumers want to have immediate access to data. It will be interesting to see how this trend continues. Going forward, this data could connect to many other aspects of our everyday lives.

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