M2M Advertising Reaches Consumers

In the modern era, consumers have a lot vying for their attention. Websites, television networks, magazines, and radio stations are ripe with advertisements of all kinds. Now more than ever, companies need to find a way to stand out from the crowd if they want to reach their target audience.

Luckily, M2M is here to help. Connected technology has permeated the marketing industry, and is helping to change the way marketers talk to consumers.

One new example comes from iSIGN Media Solutions, www.isignmedia.com, and the company’s new Smart Player solution. The product combines digital signage and mobile marketing into a single application. Using the company’s Smart Antenna, the service delivers messaging to all screens and devices, whether mobile or stationary, within a set proximity.

The service offers the functionality of a digital player, which manages and schedules marketing content on digital signage, with added video and graphics capabilities. The Smart Player also captures customer responses in realtime. This helps deliver an increased ROI (return on investment), as each ad campaign costs as little as .001 of a cent per message, according to the company.

Each Smart Player can manage two digital signs, as well as content. Alex Romanov, CEO of iSIGN, says this makes the device less expensive, while also reduces installation time. The Smart Player can also be adapted more quickly into larger networks with greater data-gathering capacity.

The device is prominently designed for use at quick service restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations. It was developed in collaboration with Deviceworx Engineering, www.deviceworx.com, Seneca Data Distributors, www.senecadata.com, BroadSign, www.broadsign.com, Keyser Retail Services, www.keyservisual.com, GraphicMedia, www.graphicmedia.us, and Verizon Wireless, www.verizonwireless.com.

Advertisers might indeed be wise to invest in mobile solutions. A recent report from inMobi, www.inmobi.com, surveyed 15,000 mobile Web users across 14 markets, asking them about their media-consumption habits. The report says mobile Web users consume an average of seven hours of media per day, and a breakdown of the majority of those seven hours are as follows:

• Mobile: 108 minutes
• Online/PC: 93 minutes
• Television: 92 minutes
• Radio: 52 minutes
• Tablet: 37 minutes
• Magazine: 35 minutes

Given these statistics, the operative word in marketing definitely seems to be “mobile.” Consumers appear to be demanding their content on-the-go. Thus, for advertisers to reach their target audience in this connected world, it seems they first need to keep up with them.

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