M2M Keeps Watchful Eye on Water


When a heat wave strikes, what do you do? Most people likely turn on the air conditioning. Others might run the sprinklers more frequently to keep the grass green, or fill up the kiddie pool to keep cool outdoors. Whatever your practice, it is likely having some sort of impact on the electric grid or water infrastructure this summer, as you are trying to keep cool.

The challenge is America’s infrastructure isn’t necessarily up to meeting the high demands of today’s growing population. Last week’s mandatory water restrictions following a water main break in the Washington, D.C., area is just one example. The American Society of Civil Engineers, www.infrastructurereportcard.org, gave drinking water a D on its 2013 Report Card on America’s Infrastructure. What’s more, it estimates there are 240,000 water mains break per year in the United States.

M2M can lend a helping hand—or maybe more accurately a watchful eye—in helping alleviate some of the burden on America’s pipelines by more efficiently managing and controlling water usage remotely.

Here is a recent M2M example: Novatel Wireless, www.nvtl.com, and Capstone Metering, www.capstonemetering.com, announced Novatel’s modules will be used in Capstone’s IntelliH2O water meter solution.

With a solution such as this, utilities will be able to better manage water meters via a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The IntelliH2O water management system integrates with the suite of IntelliH2O meters, allowing utilities to remotely turn valves on or off, and set up monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Capstone says the addition of Novatel’s modules means a utility won’t have the additional burden of managing and supporting a wireless network.

M2M and smart water meters can also allow utilities to accurately measure water consumption, therefore minimizing waste and improving the overall water supply. Not only will this enable utilities to streamline internal operations, but it also improves overall water usage.

As you hit the pool or turn on the sprinklers this summer, keep in mind the impact excessive water use can have on infrastructure, and the role M2M can play in managing water consumption.

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